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Carbon emission offsetting for environmentally-friendly fleets

We partner with Greenfleet to help you minimise your environmental footprint

While Interleasing are all about helping clients through quality fleet and commercial asset solutions, we’re also conscious of our role in helping to ensure the future sustainability of the planet. It’s why we partner with Greenfleet, Australia’s first carbon offset provider and an organisation with an intimate knowledge of our country’s unique geographic and environmental challenges. 

Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted over 9.6 million trees across 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand. Through our partnership – which extends to our parent company, the McMillan Shakespeare Group – Greenfleet has planted thousands of native trees that over their lifetimes will sequester the many thousands of tonnes of carbon emitted by our clients’ vehicles. 

At an average monthly offsetting fee of just $5 per vehicle, the benefits of offsetting your fleet with Interleasing and Greenfleet include:

Counteracting emissions that can’t be reduced or avoided

Reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint

Improving soil and water quality and restoring biodiverse ecosystems, local native forests and habitat for wildlife including many endangered species

Helping your organisation meet your environmental goals and lead on climate action

Greenfleet carbon offsets are verified using FullCAM, developed by CSIRO and approved by the Australian Government to monitor and measure the full carbon uptake. 

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