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If you currently own your business fleet, under our Sale and Leaseback option, you can sell your fleet vehicles to Interleasing and lease them back on an Operating or Finance Lease for an agreed term.

You can then enjoy all the benefits an Operating or Finance Lease has to offer, including the option of Interleasing’s fleet management and maintenance – without the burden of fleet ownership. Through the sale of your vehicle assets at the likely market value, you can free up much needed capital to use elsewhere in your business.

Vehicles also receive a lease term and kilometre allowance tailored to your usage, ensuring the lease expiry falls within your company vehicle replacement policy.

Further benefits include:

  • structured purchasing ensures prices are compatible with your tax and accounting requirements
  • freed up capital for alternative investment
  • fleet management under a single arrangement
  • improved cash flow forecasting due to fixed installment payments
  • no disposal or maintenance risk (if fully maintained operating lease)
  • reduced vehicle administration and reporting.

Flexible funding options are available under Interleasing’s Sale and Leaseback arrangement, including:

  • Operating Leases - no residual value risk applies
  • Finance Leases - residual value applies (as per ATO guidelines)
  • Commercial Hire Purchase - flexible residual value risk. e.g. you can set a zero balloon, or residual payment, if requested.

Additional services

You can also choose the following services as part of your Sale and Leaseback arrangement, and can be included as a fixed or re-charged service (e.g. fuel) within your monthly rental:

  • scheduled servicing and maintenance
  • tyre management
  • registration/CTP management
  • roadside assistance
  • accident management
  • fuel card management (re-charge only).

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