Fully maintained operating lease

Raising sufficient capital up-front to purchase and run your business fleet can be a challenge when cash-flow and resources are stretched.

Choosing to run your fleet via an Interleasing Fully Maintained Operating Lease not only removes the administrative burden of managing all the activities associated with operating a fleet, it can help release tied up capital for better use elsewhere in your business..

Interleasing also takes on the risks normally associated with ownership, such as maintenance costs and the vehicle’s re-sale value. If our projected residual value is too low, we cover the shortfall, which means you don’t have to worry about losing money when the time comes to dispose of the vehicles.

The table below shows the benefits of an Interleasing Fully Maintained Operating Lease, versus owning and managing your own fleet.

Benefit Fully maintained operating lease Internal ownership & management
Access to Interleasing  purchasing power X
Reduced internal administration X
Secure online portal providing a dashboard overview of your fleet X
Dedicated Relationship Manager X
No residual risk* X
Protection against inflation pressures X
Ease of budgeting X
Improved cash-flow X
Access to external fleet expertise X
Fleet management reporting X
Vehicle disposal management X

How it works

Interleasing has the knowledge and competitive fleet vehicle buying power to find the right vehicles for your organisation, plus you can enjoy a competitive fixed interest rate throughout the term of your lease. You can also choose the lease agreement period that best suits your organisation’s needs – typically 12 to 60 months.

We retain ownership of the fleet while you pay a single, fixed monthly lease payment, which can be structured to include the following features:

  • full service and maintenance – all costs are known at the start of the lease term, reducing the risk of unexpected financial burdens on your organisation
  • annual registration and CTP renewals
  • fines management
  • accident management
  • e-Tag management
  • fuel card management
  • tyre replacement
  • roadside assistance
  • monthly reporting (for each of the above services)
  • disposal - at end of the lease period you simply hand back the vehicles.* 

* Subject to unfair wear and tear and excess kilometres

What’s more, Interleasing’s wholesale and trade discounts on parts, consumables and labour are all built into our competitive rental.

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