What is unfair wear and tear?

Care for your vehicle at all times during the lease period.

When the vehicle is returned to us, we check its condition and ask you to sign a form confirming this.

If the vehicle is not returned in reasonable condition, outside of fair ‘wear and tear’, your employer can bear a restoration charge, which you may have to pay.

Refer to the enclosed table for common wear and tear areas, which are regularly checked. Make sure your vehicle is kept in good condition to avoid extra charges.

We can send you a full list of wear and tear conditions. If you would like a copy call us on 1800 262 122.

Item Acceptable Unacceptable
Body damage
  • professional repairs
  • obvious evidence of colour mismatch or mis-alignment between panels
  • missing or damaged mouldings and panels
  • minor dents (up to 10mm) that do not affect the panel's structural integrity
  • multiple dents or scrapes on a single panel
  • buckling or distortion of the panels
  • minor chipping relative to the vehicle's age and kilometres travelled, provided it has not penetrated to the base metal or corroded
  • major abrasions
  • colour mismatch between panels
  • loss of gloss and colour disproportionate to the vehicle's ages
  • damage due to sticker/decals
  • light scratches and minor chipping around the windscreen's periphery
  • Minor scuff marks or scratches
  • cracks or damages within the wiper arches
  • holes or cracks in the windscreen's
    /window's glass or light covers
  • slightly soiled upholstery, scuffed floor mats, trim and kick panels
  • professional repairs
  • torn, cut, burnt or permanently stained upholstery
  • bent trim panels
  • bad odours
  • damage caused by the fitting or removal of communication equipment.


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